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Get Well animated, cat watches you
Santa Kitty    animated, Meowy Christmas!
Hungry Santa Kitty   animated, I guess it's true about Santa and his Reindeer...
Relax, Cat! Just learn how to relax!
Kitty With Guitar Let's Make Beautiful Music Together!
Belated Birthday Cat I must have slept through your birthday...Happy Belated Birthday!
Kitten I miss you
Dog Tricks animated, Happy Birthday
Kody Pup! animated, Happy New Year - Year of the Dog!
Dogs on a Boat Trip Have fun traveling with the group!
Dog Dancing Let's dance!
Husky blank
Puppy Heart Be Mine, Valentine
Twin Puppies It's our birthday...Happy Birthday to My Twin!
Balloon Puppy animated, Birthday Balloons, Woof!
Get Well Dog Under the Weather? Get Well Soon!
Dog Missing You
Dog Party Invitation Psst...kid. I'm having a party. Pass it on!
Other Animals
Clown Fish    animated, blank
Dolphin animated, blank
Brown Bear I can't "bear" to be without you.
Brown Bears You knock me off my feet.
Polar Bear I'd like to give you a bear hug for Christmas.
Fish animated fish, Let's Go Fishing!
Sea Lion I "sea lion" was wrong. Please forgive me
Moose I know you've been on your own for a while...
Parrots A little birdie told me it's your birthday!
Chipmunks animated, Spring is Here, When the Chipmunks Go Crazy!
Penguins animated, Join the Group! We're Having a Party!
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